Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dokter Jawa

bakal-bakal Dokter Jawa di Fakultas Kedokteran di Unsyiah Banda Aceh.

It just came to my knowledge that the 1st medical education in Indonesia was started back in 1851 and after 2 years of education you will be graduated and called as Dokter Jawa..

But the most interesting part is their motivation to produce more Dokter Jawa at that time was due to the epidemic of smallpox. The dutch coloniser was so afraid to be contracted by the virus, hence let the indigenous people to that risky job.

bersama mas afiandy pelajar tahun 4 kedokteran, orangnye ganteng..

So after 2 years time, they were merely able to diagnose simple diseases in the community, perform minor surgery and administer smallpox vaccination..only after 1875 the programme was extended to be 6 years education and in 1902 this dokter jawa education was developed to be a full medical education for the nation..

It comes to my suprise that nowadays there are 72 medical schools comprise 35 state and 37 privately owned, spread out all over this country..not too bad lah if compare to Malaysia isn't it? ...and interestingly, amongst the private, 19 of them belong to Islamic institution..

From what I heard also, those who are practising, they need to renew their license called Surat Izin Praktek (SIP) every 5 years by taking another national compentency exam..unlike in Malaysia, you can renew your Annual Practising License (APC) without needing any compulsory CME points. (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Interesting facts? Well, depends really..

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