Saturday, 31 March 2012


This very much self explanatory.. In fact, there will only be two options available in hereafter, HEAVEN or HELL.
In life, everything is about making CHOICE. Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, 18 March 2012

sang penyu?

player muda harapan pilih terengganu sebagai pasukan pilihan..anda bagaimana? Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

LYNAS or safety?

Isu LYNAS bukan isu anti-nuklear lagi. Ianya adalah menyelamatkan Malaysia daripada benda berbahaya diuruskan oleh BN yang kaki rasuah dan penuh korupsi.

Jikalau pun keselamatan LYNAS boleh dibuktikan secara saintifik, siapa boleh jamin 'keselamatan' BN?

Lynas not just about safety
Dr Chooi Weng Wai • Feb 29, 12 9:50

I know of someone who has a fear of flying. He would, however, quite happily jump onto his motorcycle and ride around the countryside of Essex in England despite statistical evidence suggesting he is a few thousand times more likely to die in a road accident than he would in an air accident.
Over the many years of his life, his friends and family have presented him with statistical and scientific evidence on the safety of air travel.

Nevertheless, this intelligent, well-educated man would not change his mind, and would rather, in his own words, "eat burning coal than board an aircraft". In Malaysia, the government have granted Lynas permission to build and operate a rare earth plant in Gebeng.

This is despite strong opposition from the local population.The government have exploited the mainstream media to its fullest possible level to market this project to the public.Nuclear scientists and so-called safety experts have been wheeled out to highlight the benefits of this project and trivialise the risks involved.
We have the prime minister pumping out the message that this project is safe, and supporters like S Param arguing for it in the name of science and knowledge.

First of all, as an engineer, I know that no system is infallible, especially one of this size and complexity. An accident is, by definition, an unexpected event, it is not something that science or engineering could have predicted and design against - you can never design against the unknown.

Fukushima and Three Mile Island are perfect testaments to this unfortunate reality.

Debates on the safety of Lynas have, however, overtaken and masked a more important point - the local population is simply uncomfortable with the risks associated with this plant, however low or insignificant they might be.
You could argue that their fear is irrational and without scientific basis. But one cannot ignore a simple, overriding fact: They do not want it in Gebeng, and this factor alone must hold supreme in any decision to build a plant in their backyards.

To force Lynas on the people living near the plant is like is forcing my aviophobic friend to take a 22- hour flight from London to Australia against his will.

The poor man would probably live in fear for the duration of the flight, even though to the rest of us it might seem an irrational and unfounded reaction to a scientifically and statistically proven mode of travel.
I believe you would agree that it would be cruel and inhumane to subject a fellow human being to this kind of torment.
Similarly, it would be inhumane to compel the people living near Lynas to suffer the same kind of mental torture for many years and over many generations!

My point is quite simple: The people of Malaysia, especially the local population of Gebeng, do not want Lynas.

The fact that so-called experts have adjudged that Lynas is low risk is, quite frankly, irrelevant. It appears that the prime minister have listened to his advisers and accepted their arguments on the matter of safety and risks associated with Lynas.

Unfortunately, he has forgotten that, in a democratic system of governance, it is we, the people of Malaysia (particularly the local people of Gebeng, in this case), who must have decide whether or not we wish to take this on.Until the people of Malaysia are happy to accept the risk-benefit associated with this venture, it is the duty of the government to accede to the wish of the people and suspend operations at Gebeng.
Anything less is a travesty. The rest of Malaysia must also take note of the government's handling of this matter.

So far, this affair is a damming indictment on the arrogance of the ruling elite. If they could inflict this inhumane treatment on the people of Gebeng today, it could be your turn tomorrow.I would also like to mention that while I respect the view of S Param in his letter, I do take exception to his use of a quote by Marie Curie in support of Lynas. Madam Curie was referring to sacrifices necessary in pursuit of knowledge.

Lynas is not about research or knowledge - it is about business and money.
I suggest it is more appropriate for us to consider a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Religion without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; Business without ethics."
In the context of Lynas, the people of Malaysia are today fighting the three last immoralities mentioned by Gandhi.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ralat 6.0

Razak Baginda’s acquittal sets legal precedent, says Karpal @ Wed Mar 07 2012:

Again our malaysian judiciary system is making the headline of laughing stock around the globe.

Pembunuhan model mongolia tersebut ada motif, namun motif tersebut tidak relevan maka tidak perlu di'establish'kan untuk dijadikan bahan pertuduhan..?

Seolah-olah seperti kita penjarakan atau hukum bunuh askar-askar Israel yang serang rakyat Palestin yang tidak bersalah, tanpa buat apa-apa pun kepada yang telah berikan arahan serangan tersebut.

A sad day for Malaysia.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

To share?


We claim ourselves as the best ummah, but we are not following the Prophet's sunnah.
We ourselves still have doubt about our religion Islam.
We unsure about what God says in the quran.
We kept questioning about Hudud, God's law from Quran.

We tend to keep exclusivity among ourselves. We organise programmes targeted only for certain group of people.

Engage with others, non muslim and fellow muslims not to make them understand, but rather to make us understand our religion better.

Unless we still have 'SYOK SENDIRI' attitude.. Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Anti gomen vs Pro rakyat?

Not anti-government, but pro rakyat

It has been a while since I have written a piece. Yes, there have been plenty issues of issues cropping up over the political landscape since Chinese New Year.

There was Sharizat's Abdul Jalil's leave of absence, Dr Chua Soi Lek saying that the Chinese owe their prosperity to BN, Ibrahim Ali handing outpak kam as ang pows to elderly folk, 1Care and the epic debate between Dr Chua and Lim Guan Eng.Despite all of these juicy topics, I did not feel the inclination to write, and I'm sure that my fellow colleagues in the online media world have done a brilliant job.However, I want to tackle an issue which has been bugging me since I began writing as a columnist, and also campaigning actively for the Opposition, and in particular, the DAP.I have been frequently asked why many young people and myself are so anti-government, and so intent in causing trouble and instability. I believe that is a fair question which deserves a fair explanation."Evangelis DAP" I make no secrets of my political affiliation. I am proudly and unashamedly an active member of the DAP and I believe in what the party does and in their plans for our nation, where every citizen is treated fairly regardless of race, language or creed.Does this mean by any stretch of the imagination that I believe the DAP is perfect? Certainly not. No political party can claim to be free from corruption, croynism or favouritism.
However, the concern would be the severity of these political vices and whether it would severely impact the ability to govern a nation effectively.

When I wrote on the DAP National Convention, I was roundly criticised by Helen Ang who accused me of being an "Evangelis DAP" (Evangelist for the DAP) and also condemned me for my faith.
She wrote that people like me spew out an extremely one-sided and unbalanced views and that our country would descend into Nazism and Communist dictatorships if left unchecked.

Despite finding her article to be generally offensive, I could not help but laugh at the irony of her comments. I did not respond initially as I did not believe that I should dignify her comments with a response.But I would like to make a point that the reason why I think and write this way is because I have intimately seen both sides of the coin and formed my own conclusions.Justified bias?Was I biased when I wrote my article on the DAP National Convention? Of course I was. Was it one-sided? Most definitely. Why did I do this? The reason is simple.Politics is perception. Journalists are supposed to frame up the truth in a manner which is supposed to be even-handed and impartial. The fact of the matter is that we are human.We would tend to favour one side over another. Is this correct? In an ideal world, perhaps not, but we do not live in an ideal world.In the world of the free press, differing opinions of political events offer the reader a variety of view points and allows the individual to make up their own mind on the matter.
In the United Kingdom, The Guardian is a well known conservative paper, The Times is more politically in the centre and The Daily Mail is unabashedly right-wing.

How does this compare to our situation here in Malaysia? The Star is the mouthpiece of the MCA, and the New Straits Times is so blatantly pro-Umno it has to be given away to schools and hospitals for free!
Then there is the blatantly divisive Utusan Malaysia and the Metro Harian carries their opinions derived from Bernama.

The only semblance of favourable reporting towards the Opposition parties come from the Chinese press including the China Press and Sin Chew. But even then, the political leaning would always be more towards BN.So how about The Rocket, Harakah Daily, Suara Keadilan, Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle?As party newspapers and online news portals, do they even attempt to offer a balanced point of view? Or is our desire for free media driven to the extent that it would appear that we have to write articles to the other extreme?
Is this necessarily in order for opposing view points to meet in the middle in the mind of the reader?

Anti-government rhetoric?The fact of the matter is that in the arena of press and broadcast media, it is simply not fair. The Opposition's only saving grace is the Internet for the dissemination of information.Despite all of this, and despite the argument for a fair media, is the Opposition and pro-Opposition journalists like myself guilty of disseminating misinformation? To a certain extent, yes we are all guilty of this.Does this make us anti-government at all? No it does not. Until today, as the Umno-BN government has been in power coming to 55 years, Malaysians are unable to distinguish between the BN party and the government.We cannot really be blamed for saying things like "The Opposition control Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor." As a matter of fact, this statement is fundamentally wrong.
When the Opposition becomes a state-government, they are no longer the opposition, but the ruling coalition.

This idea is incredibly difficult to grasp, as Malaysia, like Singapore, is an example of an extremely successful pseudo-democratic system.
The reason behind this is that no other party or coalition has ever governed these countries in their short histories.

Furthermore, Umno-BN holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest serving party or coalition in any country which calls itself a democracy.

This is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but it throws up serious questions of accountability.

My government, my countryI sincerely believe that not a single citizen of this beautiful country wants anything but the best for our country.
When we have a government that does the right thing, and operates efficiency and professionally for the betterment of our lives, why would we not have any reason to support this?

At the end of the day, it is the goal, not the political party, which is the ultimate concern of the rakyat.Though there are indeed anarchists, hardcore Perkasa supporters and die-hard DAP supporters, the vast majority of the country wants a government which puts our collective interests first, before the interests of any individual groups, lobbies or parties.What we want is a sincere, accountable and transparent government that implements policies without favour which would stimulate a more competitive, market-driven economic environment, eradicate poverty and ensure sustainable and practical social advancement.
BN was incredibly successful in doing all these things for many years, but with mounting financial scandals, unchecked spending, a ballooning subsidy bill, mounting government debt, immeasurable capital outflow and excruciating inflation, I would now call their governing ability into question.

Can the Opposition govern? They have been incredibly successful in Penang, moderately successful in Selangor and consistent in Kedah and Kelantan.Does this mean that they can take the reins of power at the federal government? No, it is not an automatic entitlement. Running a country is dramatically different from running a state.Many members of the public are driven to political apathy by the sheer volume of politicking and finger pointing both sides engage in.
Pakatan Rakyat, need to take the manifesto promises and resolutions they have made and actively put it into action now.

Wakil rakyat have to eat, drink and sleep around the interests of the rakyat. With all the anti-Opposition propaganda being expounded, the final resort is roll up their sleeves and tie up their sarongs and get to work with the personal touch.Would I vote for BN if they truly had the people's interests at heart? Absolutely 100 percent. I am not anti-government, nor shall I ever be anti-government. But I do think it's time for a change, don't you?

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Friday, 2 March 2012


Uthman Radhi-Allahu anhu said that four things were useless, and these were:

1. Knowledge without practice;

2. Wealth without expenditure in the way of Allah;

3. Piety for the sake of show prompted by worldliness;

4. Long life with no stock of good deeds. Best Blogger Tips

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