Friday, 10 June 2011


UMNO tried to out-islam PAS in the 70's and 80's at the time when PAS was deemed more islamic than them. Just why are they complaining now? PAS make way for them to be more islamic by moving to the middle. Like this also complain, like that also cannot. Just what do you want UMNO?

Why is UMNO pressuring PAS on Islamic State? They can always easily put a vote in the parliament for Islamic states, and PAS will support it, even without joining them, but after 53 years they didn't.

Everyone seems to embrace this progression in PAS with open arms, as Malaysia is dying to be governed by competent and honest leaders.
And yeah, better be State with Welfare than a crony state..!

P/s: anda masih boleh tolerate ke kalau tiba2 ada orang hulur video seks lucah yang kononnya ketua pembangkang di perkarangan masjid?

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