Friday, 30 January 2009

when the occupation continues..


after jumaat prayer this afternoon, i had a chance to meet and hear MP's speech (ALAN SIMPSON) in the law and social science building,..i first met him during last year's demonstration in university boulevard, when we were protesting for the release of hicham yezza.

last year's demonstration

....The speech was delivered to a packed audience of students, staff and the general public on the situation in Gaza and the way forward for activists working in peace.
In the occupied lecture theatre at Nottingham University, Alan described his experiences visiting Gaza and express his solidarity with the student occupation movement..He also mentioned about the lack of depth coverage by the prime mass media (BBC), and he also talked about the strain of democracy power that was held by the israelis leaders at the moment..He also mentioned that there are only a fraction of 50 MPs who were arguing heatedly and tried to lobby the government to change its policy on international affairs..and what amazed me was the occupation that has been held since last wednesday, and most of them are britons..and non muslims..

they continously assured the university not to create any disruption to lectures dat would take place in this theatre, but the university has decided to rescheduled and cancelled all lectures despite some lecturers already expressed their willingness to conduct lectures as usual..

siap ada gerai makanan lg tuh..

click here to see the full list of demands..

"The world only changes for the better when those who have voices stand up alongside those who do not...use your power that exist within the society to choose the best policy maker"
alan simpson, 30 jan 2009

so, shame on us if we still don't do anything to work on this, to our ummah and to our beloved home soil..

- camne kat malaysia boleh ke buat camni..?..abih sume kena tendang la kuar uni..
- kena pikir2 la, kalu org lain boleh buat, kita lagila boleh buat sesuatu untuk ubah masyarakat..yang penting paradigma kena berubah, barula malaysia boleh maju..


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  1. salam saudara,

    Well seperti mana yang kita tahu malaysia gah melaungkan demokrasi tetapi tidak pada prinsipnya dalam memperjuangkan nilai demokrasi tersebut. Mahasiswa IPTA jangan berani nak kutuk-kutuk, kang tak pasal-pasal kene kick dari U. Well... saya baru baca blog saudara dan banyak juga input yang saya perolehi... keep doing sharing information with us here... k


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