Tuesday, 6 January 2009

kita pantang dicabar...

salam wbh

GERAM LAGI!!..read reply from another MEP, sedara roger helmer y buatkan sy rs alahai manusia.....

Dear Muhammed,

Thank you for writing to me on the subject of the latest troubles in

I can assure you that everyone in the European Parliament shares your
concern over the terrible situation which has arisen. I am sure that you
realise how difficult and complex the current situation is, and will
acknowledge that there are two sides to the case.

We in the EU have attempted various diplomatic solutions, which so far
have failed to deliver a peaceful outcome.

For seven years Hamas has been firing rockets indiscriminately into
Israeli territory, with no regard for the civilian nature of the
targets. Before we condemn Israel disproportionately we must consider
what available alternatives are left to the Israeli government, which
has a duty to protect its citizens.

It was Hamas who decided to terminate the recent ceasefire, and Hamas
who have organised the continual barrage of rockets into Israel, showing
total disregard for the safety and prosperity of their own people by
doing so.

So whilst I deeply regret the terrible suffering and loss of life in
Gaza, I believe the primary blame attaches to Hamas, which is widely
recognised as a terrorist organisation.

The EU is committed to ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring peace to this
troubled land, and I certainly hope those efforts are successful.

Best regards,


"Working for the East Midlands in Europe, not Europe in the East

sekian, thanx for the reply...kami xkan berhenti mengondem...jom teruskan usaha kita...

US media. Israeli peace movement, palestinian fight

note: somewhere in the middle of the video, it shows the linguist chomsky, he is a very influential contemporary philosopher and working on linguistics. so, he's not just ur average joe and he knows what he's talking about when he says that israel isn't defending itself...well, if one of the most influential philosophers speak on something like that, then it is a BIG DEAL...

wallahualam. Best Blogger Tips

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