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just a quick one...finally!! a reply from another MEP, sorang akak nih, but her reply this time sgt2 below akak nih nye reply..

Our Ref: GW/KT/MUHA01001/01090051

09 January 2009

Dear Muhammad,

Thank you for your email concerning the current crisis in Gaza. I assure you
that I am giving my absolute support to calls for an immediate end to the
violence and the provision of emergency humanitarian assistance to save

The European Parliament has been part of the intensive diplomatic pressure
from the European Union and EU Governments to achieve these ends. For your
information, I enclose a copy of the statement issued by Labour's European

political grouping of MEPs, which expresses our outrage and calls for an
immediate ceasefire and withdrawal. The European Parliament itself will
take a further formal position at our next full session in Strasbourg,
although it is to be hoped that day-by-day attempts to resolve the crisis
will succeed before then.

Our Labour Government in Britain has been equally determined to use all
means to press for an immediate ceasefire, and has expressed its grave
concern at the tragic loss of innocent life, that the current actions are
fuelling the extremists and that there has to be a political and not a
military solution in order to achieve Middle East peace.

The EU response has been an active one. A high level European Union
delegation was dispatched to Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan from the
4th-6th January, comprising EU High Representative Javier Solana, European
Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, and the Czech, French and Swedish Foreign
Ministers, seeking to bring about conditions for an early ceasefire and an
easing of the humanitarian situation.

Labour's Foreign Affairs spokesperson in the European Parliament, my
colleague Richard Howitt MEP, himself recently visited Gaza on a E
Parliament mission, and has described to me the horrific conditions and
suffering being inflicted by the blockade. He has this week spoken
personally on behalf of Labour Euro MPs with the British Foreign Office
Minister responsible Bill Rammell MP to outline our concerns. During
debates in the European Parliament Labour MEPs are at the forefront of calls
for an immediate end to the violence.

In 2008, the EU provided more than 73 million euro (£70 million) in
humanitarian aid for victims of the crisis in the Palestinian Territories,

more than half of it in the Gaza Strip and this week the EU has announced
that it will provide a further £2.9 million in urgent humanitarian aid for
Palestinians in Gaza. Food, emergency shelter repairs and medical aid will
be provided through the United Nations to Gaza Palestinians.

I do acknowledge concern about last year's "in principle" decision by EU
Governments to upgrade relations with Israel in the context of the EU-Israel
Association Agreement, which has not been voted in the European Parliament.
Indeed we have deliberately suspended a planned vote on a Parliamentary
Report considering renewing Israel's participation in EU programmes, because
of the current crisis. A human rights clause is an essential element of all
of the EU's diplomatic agreements with third countries, and Israel's respect

for human rights must be an essential part of any consideration of upgrading

In conclusion, you can be assured that Labour Euro MPs are doing everything
possible to seek an immediate ceasefire, to ensure humanitarian aid gets to
those who need it most, and to get to a stage where peace talks as envisaged
under the Annapolis process can be put back on track to secure a final and

lasting two-state solution. Even at these dangerous times, it is crucial
that we hold out hope for lasting peace and security for the Israeli and
Palestinian people together.

Thank you again for your concern in writing to me.

Best wishes

Glenis Willmott MEP

Harold Wilson House
23 Barratt Lane
Nottingham NG9 6AD

Tel. 0115 9229717
Fax. 0115 9224439

So, ape lagi? kalu kite sume hantar surat, desakan tuh makin tinggi......INSYAALLAH, teruskan usaha kita untuk terus membantu dengan apa jua cara sekalipun...

ihsan: makhluk serumah yang tengah membakar semangat n kaloriku di ruang kamarku.

take home msg from friday prayer's sermon td...
- kita y x mampu utk berjihad di medan perang, boleh
jihad harta..
- senjata utama umat islam yang paling berkesan ialah
DOA...join solat jemaah di masjid, selalu QUNUT NAZILAH....agak2 kalu jauh tuh, pahala die lg besar kan..
- pengharapan kena jatuh kat
ALLAH sahaja, bukan liga arab, bukan UN, bukan PAKLAH, or umat islam..BUT ALLAH solely.. ~hasbunallah hu wanikmal wakeel~
BOYCOTT Israeli and american's products.
- last but not least, finishkan

p/s - doa buat adik2 yang baru stat sekolah balik..belaja elok2..jgn kuat main, sume dah besar kan..n buat parents, semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yang berkekalan insyaa..n buat abg sulung, all da best exams...


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