Saturday, 9 July 2011

Was it worth it?

This question is directed at the government of the day, the one in Putrajaya. Was it worth it?

- shutting down Kuala Lumpur, and in doing so did exactly what it said the Bersih people would do: disrupt life of city folk.

- refusing to allow Bersih to have a gathering in Stadium Merdeka and guess what: there were gatherings all over the city. so instead of being clever and limiting the crowd to one area, the authorities had to scramble all over the city.

- refusing to allow Bersih to march, ostensibly because they were thugs and anti-social elements bent on wreaking havoc on the city.

We are sorry but the majority of Malaysians who braved the police, tear gas and elements were ordinary folk, Malaysians of different races and religions who came together for a fairer elections system.

They were not paid RM50 to show up or given nasi bungkus or given 1Malaysia T-shirts. They showed up because they believed.

Unleashing Malaysians on Malaysians. That image will live on for a while.
Once again, was it worth it?

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