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Why pay more and get less for 1Care?

The Federal government is introducing a new national healthcare system called 1Care, which
will force you to give up to 10% of your monthly household income as your contribution
under/via a national health insurance scheme.

What’s worse, after paying so much…….
You cannot pick choose your own doctor. The government will assign one doctor for you. You still have to pay more when you see the doctor
• Your assigned doctor is budgeted to see you only 6 times a year
• You get only the cheapest not-original medicine
• You will not be covered for all illnesses especially expensive care under the insurance
• If you don’t like your assigned doctor and/or the medicine given, you’ll have to pay 
more from your own pocket to see another doctor and/or get better medicine.

Healthcare costs will shoot up! From RM 33.7 billion in 2009 to a proposed RM44.24 billion
a year with 1Care. It will cost so much but will it be a benefit or a burden?

Find out more about 1Care at this public forum, officiated by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri
Besar, Selangor.


  • 1-Care for 1Malaysia – why and what is it? (Ministry of Health Malaysia)
  • Healthcare-what the rakyat want?: YB Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, State Exco Member for Health, Selangor
  • The Doctors’ Perspective: Dr. Ng Swee Choon, FPMPAM
  • The Patients and the Consumers’ Perspective: Dr. T Jayabalan, Patient Health and Safety Advisory Organization, Penang/Citizens Healthcare Coalition
  • Moderator: Mr. Philip Koh Tong Ngee, FCIS, Senior Partner, Mah-Kamariyah & Philp Koh, Advocates  & Solicitors

Organised by:  Pakatan Kesihatan Rakyat   (Citizens’ Healthcare Coalition)

With invitation to:
• Ministry of Health Malaysia
• Selangor State Government
• Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations of Malaysia (FPMPAM)
• Private Medical Practitioners’ Association Selangor/KL(PMPASKL)

Admission is Free.

Date: Sunday, 12 February 2012
Time: 4.00pm–6.30pm
No.8 Jalan 19/1; Section 19. Petaling Jaya 46300

For more information, contact
Dr. T Jayabalan
Tel: 6012 4027 445

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