Thursday, 23 February 2012


M'sians: Programmed to be immature

Now the greatest leader and visionary politician of all times, the 'Father of Modern Malaysia' has spoken - that Malaysians are not mature and therefore there is no point in having debates.

Malaysians have been judged. Malaysians have been labeled. Malaysians have been banished into a corner.

Well he must be right after all. Why not?

Look at the University and College Act that he bulldozed through. Has this Act not been the cause of the retardation our youths over the years?

Look at the education system. Are we still not sinking with a policy and system that is unable to bring out the best in our youth after all these years?

The benchmark is very simple: For as long as you need to put your kids through tuition class despite more than six hours daily in school, the system is a failure.

Look at the Internal Security Act and the Official Secrets Act. Are we not made to be stupid buffoons by keeping all public concerns under wraps and also punishing those who dared to probe, question or spring little leaks here and there?

Or just take an inventory of the media statements that keeping popping out like breaking news made by our politicians. Don't these hint at immaturity?
The very statement made by the great Mahathir hurts and hurts deeply.

Which politician or ex-statesman in the world has ever lambasted his voters and citizens with such an insult by labeling them all as "immature"? Who? Anyone out there who has said so and got away scot free?

In insulting Malaysians has Mahathir also not then insulted the king and nation? No? Then what is a nation all about?
Well at least we know that here in Malaysia a leader who held the helm for 22 years can say what he likes and dislikes and yet we will sweetly smile oblivious to it all.

Yes we must be immature after all.

Immature not because we are; but more because we were all programmed to be so after all these 22 years. Right or wrong?

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