Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Prophet's PBUH remedies..

Here are among the remedies used by our beloved prophets PBUH:

1) loss of appetite - talbina (prepared from fresh green barley grains which can play the role of natural healing compound)

2) constipation - senna ( a good stimulant indeed in which act as a
bulking agent that can stimulate peristalsis, and in fact it is
more effective and cheaper than lactulose)

3) diarrhoea - honey (effective in treating burns and wounds and
it is known that the secret of honey lies in its antibacterial activity)

others - dates, olive, blackcumin, endive, fenugreek, ginger, marjorum, saffron, vinegar, water-cress.

"there is a remedy for every malady and it's excellent to get treatment"
(narrated by Muslim)

to be continued...


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